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Changing Our Slice of the World

Grand River

Multi-Purpose Center

Our Livingston County Home Delivered Meal Program and Congregate Meal Program is long-lived and vibrant. We successfully changed our little corner of the world, one person, one meal, one hug, one interaction at a time. Thousands of invisible people in our region weren’t invisible after all. Our Livingston County Meal Program has blazed a trail and helped expand our community’s understanding of health, loneliness, wellness, dignity, grace and caring. Many people's lives have been enriched because of the countless volunteers, donors and staff members’ devotion to the cause we serve. Simply put, we feed people!



At Grand River Multi-Purpose Center, we offer a variety of engaging and interactive activities and services to our community's older adults.

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Words of Wisdom

My husband and I eat occasionally at the Center, but I am at the Center every morning for the exercise program that begins at 9:30am.

Mary Seidel

I have delivered meals for the homebound seniors for over 20 years. The best part of delivering meals is the "people". Sometimes I'm the only person they see all day. Someone might ask me to drop off mail or open a jar. Most like to visit a little... They often are able to stay in their home because of getting a hot, nutritional meal delivered each day. I feel that delivering our homebound seniors a hot meal is an important mission of the City of Chillicothe. The homebound seniors are always appreciative of what you do for them.

Judi Shaffer

I have volunteered at the center for about 25 years. My jobs varied over the years... such as working at the front desk, answering the phone and taking reservations for meals. I like visiting with people and eating a hot balanced meal at noon each day.

Betty Grimes

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